Amy Grant, LADC

Amy Grant, LADC, is a Licensed Drug and Alcohol Counselor specializing in co-occurring mental health disorders and addiction disorders, such as anxiety/depression and addictive disorders, and creates sustainable recovery goals using person-centered therapy and DBT/CBT with positive psychology.

Amy’s approach focuses on treating the whole person to foster balance, leading to a healthy mind and lifestyle. Amy explains, “I understand how getting better can seem overwhelming. I can offer a personalized care plan that works for you. Let me help you on your journey with a collaborative approach to care, focusing on your needs, goals, and lifestyle to create longevity with treatment success. I look forward to connecting and working with you!”

Amy Grant, LADC, holds a Dual Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Human Services and a Master’s in Clinical Psychology. She co-leads Insight Counseling’s Recovery Support Group (RSP) & Dialectic Behavioral Therapy Group (DBT). 

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