Your presentation was very helpful. I will be the one to stand up and say no. I promise. I will remember what you said because it is so important.

Scotts Ridge Middle Schooler

I hope my parents come to hear you talk. I know they can learn some of this stuff, too. We can work together as a family. :)

Greens Farms Academy Student

"I had to leave a little early tonight so I could tell my wife about the fabulous presentation I attended at Helen Keller Middle School. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for doing all the hard work. Thank you for "doing the time". Thank you for being the charismatic, engaging person that you have become. Your presence this evening was a gift."

Brian M.
Westport Parent

Thank you so much for coming to our school. I learned so much from what you said. I will use what you said to make it easier to say no to drugs when I enter the high school. Thank you."

Scotts Ridge Middle Schooler

I am course director for an annual two-day continuing education conference, entitled Treating the Addiction, which is co-sponsored by Cambridge Health Alliance and Harvard Medical School... Liz is consistently a favorite presenter at the conference. Her presentation is always among the most highly regarded. She has a witty, engaging style that keeps the audience interested and involved. Perhaps, more importantly, she speaks from her deep, varied and creative clinical experience.

Mark J Albanese, MD
Cambridge Health Alliance & Harvard Medical School

Elizabeth Jorgensen has been one of our most popular and esteemed speakers... She is smart and extremely knowledgeable and effective as a speaker. She is poised, has command of her material and projects with grace and an engaging (and even entertaining) style.

E. J. Khantzian, MD
Cambridge Health Alliance & Harvard Medical School