ASSIST: The Adolescent Substance Abuse Screening & Treatment Program

The Adolescent Substance Abuse Screening, Intervention, Support and Treatment (ASSIST) referral program is designed to offer families and schools a rapid response assessment for teens that have been disciplined for violating a school policy or caught by parents abusing alcohol, marijuana or other drugs. In most cases, a teen and their family can be seen within 24 or 48 hours of their first call to Insight Counseling.

The teen and parents participate in a thorough clinical assessment that screens for depression, anxiety, learning challenges and other common co-occurring issues and also provides a supervised urine drug screen to access the exact level of a teen’s substance abuse. Parents are offered helpful and practical steps to re-establish authority and set limits with teens to keep them safe.

Please contact Insight Counseling, LLC for further information about this program and additional family services at 203-431-9726 or email [email protected]

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