Patricia Bragdon, PHD, LCSW-R

Pat Bragdon

Dr. Bragdon has over thirty years of experience working with adolescents and their families struggling with eating disorders, school refusal, anxiety, depression, substance use and abuse, self-harm, grief, and bereavement. Dr. Bragdon earned her Master’s degree from Columbia University and her PhD. from New York University. As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has worked at High Schools for over two decades, she is extremely skilled at interfacing with schools to help teens who have been academically impacted by their social, emotional, and behavioral issues. 

Dr. Bragdon has a special area of expertise and interest in death and dying, and bereavement. She has earned a certificate of completion at Columbia University’s Center for Complicated Grief and is a certified grief counselor with the goal of helping individuals work through their grief to regain a positive sense of self, leading to a more gratifying life. Dr. Bragdon is one of the founders of Ann’s Place, a not-for-profit cancer support agency located in Danbury, CT, and has extensive knowledge of working with individuals who are living with chronic, long-term illnesses. She is a compassionate and dedicated advocate for individuals and families struggling with complex issues and emotions that impede everyday life. 

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