The Recovery Support Program For Teens

Where can you turn if your child suffers from anxiety, depression, or substance use issues? (alcohol, cannabis, vaping, etc.)

Teenagers require specialized care to recover from anxiety, depression, or other mental health issues, and the adolescents we treat receive individualized care, family support, and coaching until they are healed.

The Recovery Support Program (RSP) provides a safe, highly structured, and positive environment for adolescents to commit to change. The Recovery Support Program offers:

  • Extensive evaluation services with onsite, accurate drug screening
  • Group therapy twice or three times per week (after school)
  • Individual and family counseling
  • Referral to community-based AA and NA meetings and an onsite
  • Young people’s AA meeting

Our staff is trained in both substance abuse and mental health counseling, and each staff member has an average of 22 years of experience in the field. We are absolutely dedicated to the care and well-being of your child and family. Teenagers may also attend The Recovery Support Program for group sessions and substance abuse counseling while maintaining their individual relationships with referring therapists and psychiatrists.

Insight’s RSP Staff:

Elizabeth Driscoll Jorgensen CADC, Director

Kristin Dineen, LCSW


Please contact Insight Counseling, LLC for further information about this program and additional family services at 203-431-9726 or email [email protected]

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