This Is Your Teenage Brain On Drugs

A comprehensive, interactive program that combines the most current brain and neuroscience research and science-based substance abuse prevention education for middle and high school students. Students will learn the short term and long term effects of prescription drugs, alcohol, marijuana, ecstasy, opiates, LSD, inhalants and other drugs of abuse. Students will learn basic brain neuroscience through a power point presentation including information about their developing brain. The epidemic and extreme danger of prescription drug misuse and abuse will be highlighted. Teens will be able to write down questions and comments that Liz addresses during the live presentation. Teens are also given the chance to evaluate the program.

School staff are given a copy of the full multimedia program as well as the comments and questions their students are asking. This allows for follow up reinforcement of the knowledge students have gained as well as a window for faculty and administration to see what concerns teens have and what trends may be affecting their student population.


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