The Sober Chicks: E08: “I’m Too Smart for Therapy”

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The Sober Chicks Explain, Why You Might Be “Too Smart” For Therapy

Get ready to hear the Sober Chicks break it down in an impromptu hip-hop session! Riffing off Right Said Fred’s, “I’m Too Sexy,” we created our own version, “I’m Too Smart…For Therapy!” We wanted to find a way to humorously share some of the challenges high-functioning addicts face when it comes to getting the treatment they need. In this episode of, “Straight Talk from the Sober Chicks,” we discuss how the same traits that make it harder for high-functioning individuals struggling with addiction, also make it harder to get sober.

The Traits That Make You Successful, Make it Hard to Get Sober

Often, the very trait make an individual successful in life, make it even more of a challenge for them to succeed in achieving sobriety. High-functioning patients are often individuals that have seen great success in their professional lives, often it is their high level of intellect that get in the way of their sobriety. Both Sarah and I have heard from patients who dismiss proposed treatment options saying they won’t work for them; this perspective is is often a reactionary and defensive one, that gets in the way of a achieving sobriety and maintaining a healthy & balanced lifestyle.

It’s Not Personal

Many people find it difficult to separate their struggles with addiction from their own personal success. It is hard to admit that you may have a substance abuse problem and even harder when it means accepting there are flaws in your decision making process. Often clients that take feedback as personal criticism, when it is not! Accepting that you have an addictive disorder is difficult; but working to overcome the mental roadblocks that often get in the way of staying sober is even more challenging. As therapists and as individuals in recovery, we fully understand what a hurdle this is for our clients and work to help patients re-work their thinking and slowly break down those roadblocks, one piece at a time!

A Simple Program for Complicated People

When I first started in AA, this was a concept that was commonly reinforced. Often clients dismiss 12-Step Programs because of the simplistic approach to recovery; but for any patient, even high functioning ones, the simplicity is what makes it effective. High-functioning people struggling with addiction are often in a high-stress, high-pressure work environment, which can further additive tendencies, compounded with family responsibilities, there is pressure to “do it all,” and do it well. That is what makes the 12-Step approach an important facet of recovery; everything else is complicated and this form of treatment is straightforward.

Let’s face it, you’ve got enough going on, so keep it simple!

Remember to take your sobriety seriously, but not yourselves too seriously!

– The Sober Chicks, Liz & Sarah

If you, or someone you know, is struggling with addiction or any other mental health issue please feel free to contact us. Insight Counseling is located in Ridgefield, CT, we have a great team of mental health professionals that can help. Contact us through email at [email protected], or call: 203-431-9726.

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