The Sober Chicks: E03, “Weed Fundamentalism, Part 1”

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5 Signs That Might Mean You’re a “Weed Fundamentalist”

close up of a stash of medicinal marijuana for a concept ** Note: Shallow depth of field


A growing trend that we have noticed in our practice here at Insight Counseling and we are calling it “Weed Fundamentalism.” Quite often we find ourselves working with clients that deny that marijuana causes damage to the growing teenage brain and can actually reduce your I.Q. 8-10 points over the course of your lifetime. In this episode of “Straight Talk from the Sober Chicks,” we break down five key identifiers that you might be, or might know, a “Weed Fundamentalist,” and share some great research studies that prove marijuana might not be as good for you as they preach.

These are some of the common justifications and arguments as to why marijuana is a benign substance; if you know anyone that has shown any of the following signs, he or she might be a convert to this new, growing “religion”:

  1. Government doesn’t want you to know that weed cures cancer.
  2. Weed is a plant, therefore it is safe.
  3. Everything is better with weed.
  4. Marijuana is a gift from God.
  5. Obsessed with converting others to “Weed Worship”

Our main issue with those that preach the message that marijuana is a benign substance. We want to share with our podcast listeners some great resources that you can review that prove otherwise. Many of the clients we work with that express these beliefs also have a firm understanding that other substances, like alcohol and tobacco, are harmful substances.

With growing legislation to decriminalize and legalize marijuana, we feel it is important to have a public discussion about the facts and research that has been published on marijuana use and its effect on the brain. Here are some facts you can share with any “Weed Fundamentalist” that you might know to make sure they know the risk they take when they use marijuana:

Marijuana Questions

  1. Marijuana use (as little as 2x per month) can reduce I.Q. 8 to 10 points
  2. On average weed has 12- 22% THC content, compared to 3-6% in the 1990’s.
  3. Marijuana can lead to psychotic breaks; Emergency room statistics show 1 in 4 first time psychotic breaks are cause post week; most likely due to the high potency. Teens and young adults are having psychotic episodes due to weed use ONLY, and the rates are climbing.
  4. Weed delays response times, as much as 1 to 3 seconds and DOES impair driving skills and any other activities that demand excellent reaction time for safety (such as skiing, hiking, skateboarding, etc.)

Here are some great resources for you to do your own research and be informed:



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